Coaching Excellence: How PCC Coaching Markers Drive Human Connection

  • January 19, 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


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Coaching Excellence is a new series of Core Competency-based, highly interactive, and practical webinars. We will launch this webinar series with the expertise of Bryan Hart, MCC as he addresses the PCC Markers.

When trying to make a human connection, coaching according to a structure can feel forced and cold. Coaching a client without any established structure might not serve them well in the long run. This presentation and interactive demonstration walks through the value of using the International Coach Federation PCC Markers to drive authentic, consistent human connection with your clients.

Learning Points:
- How coach assessment cultivates client connection
- Authentic and consistent ways to maintain coach-client connection
- Effectively using the PCC coaching marker to drive human connection

Speaker Bio:
Bryan Hart, MCC is a corporate coach, trainer, and mentor coach with deep expertise in the PCC markers and creating a customized coaching experience for each client. He has coached hundreds of individuals across the corporate, academic, and executive coaching spheres, often in year-long engagements focusing on long-term behavior change. Bryan has logged over 600 hours as a trainer of ICF accredited courses and has provided over 300 hours of mentor coaching at the PCC level. Bryan specializes in ICF based mentor coaching that seeks to bridge the gap between assessing the science and the art of coaching. Bryan has launched a pilot program for an ACTP, focused on Corporate Sponsored Coach Training, which is set to complete in 2021.

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