Hello Members and Friends of ICF San Antonio,

Some of you have asked what your membership and event registration fees cover. Great question!

When you sign up to become an ICF San Antonio Chapter member, the annual registration fee is $75 if you are an ICF Global member (global membership level), or $100 if you are not (affiliate membership level). This fee is renewable each year on the day you first signed up. As far as event fees, please remember that only Southeast Webinar Series and Coaching Excellence Series are paid events, while Coach Connect and most ACMP-ICF Texas Partnership events are offered to both members and nonmembers at no cost. Paid events are only $10 to chapter members while guests pay $20.

Running a growing organization like ours involves putting structures and processes in place that require time, effort, and subscriptions to numerous licenses. For example, the chapter pays license subscriptions for the website platform, web hosting, domain registration, financial operations and reports, graphic design, cloud storage and apps, email and digital marketing, web conferencing, web storage for video files, and more. These expenses also involve contracted services for our virtual assistant and occasionally other personnel--usually interns or apprentices--to help with copy, formatting, design, video uploads, and other tasks. Finally, room rental fees apply for in-person meetings like the social event we hosted in May.

While the registration fees have remained the same for the past 5 years and event registrations have decreased due to the virtual format, the cost of licenses continues to increase year after year.

I hope this explains. Please continue to reach out to me with any additional questions you might have.

All the best,

~Susanna Clavello

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