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March 2024

Dear valued ICF San Antonio chapter members,

As your ICF San Antonio chapter president for 2024, I am excited and humbled to serve our incredible community of coaches and contribute to the growth and impact of coaching in the San Antonio metro area.

My focus in 2024 is to foster better engagement at all levels within our chapter and with other ICF chapters in Texas. My statement for 2024 is "We are better together". We need each other to accomplish our personal dreams and goals.

I call upon each of you to take action and become more engaged with your fellow coaches and the ICF San Antonio chapter. Whether it's attending events, participating in Masterminds, serving on committees, or collaborating on projects, your involvement is crucial. Together, we can create a thriving community that supports, inspires, and empowers one another.

We must also actively engage with our partners in the San Antonio metro area, showcasing the transformative power of coaching and collaborating with local businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions. Together, we can amplify our message and make a significant difference in the people we serve.

As we set ambitious goals and take action to elevate the profile of coaching in San Antonio and beyond, let us embrace collaboration, innovation, and growth. I am confident that 2024 will be a year of remarkable achievements for ICF San Antonio.

I urge you to take action today. Reach out to a fellow coach, join a committee, attend an event, or share your ideas with the board. Let's make 2024 a year of unparalleled engagement, growth, and success for ICF San Antonio. Together, we can achieve great things.  We are better together!


With gratitude and excitement,

Dan Pogue

President, ICF San Antonio Chapter

January 2023 

Happy New Year! We are thrilled with the traction we have to launch a dynamic programming schedule for our members in 2023, we hope you can join us to attend one of the events. Here are a few highlights on our activities that we have made traction on and continue to build our planning for this month:

Board of Directors
Membership Announcements and Events
    • Annual Membership Meeting in February on what we have accomplished in each of these three priorities and invite our members to provide feedback on our strategic direction.
    • A new Homepage that has been redesigned by our very own Intern! We are grateful for her creativity to make the member experience easier for you to navigate and engage with our website.
    • Your membership profile now includes a field for individuals to contact you directly by making an appointment!  Log in to your profile and add your calendar link. If you don't have one, let us know and we can help you set up an account or fill out the contact form and provide us with your URL to your calendar link and we will have our interns set it up for you.
    • ACMP/ICF Partnership we are launching a change management and coaching bootcamp with Michelle Yanahan, CEO of Change 360 in February. There are only 5 spaces left!
    • Texas Coaches Coalition Conference, this year will be held in March and packed with great speakers.  The event will be held at T-Bar-M Conference Center in New Braunfels, TX.
    • We are planning to add more value to your membership benefit, stay tuned for details!

If you haven't joined us yet, we encourage you to the next member connect to visit with our coaches. We plan to make an in-person event on February 2nd, 2023, click here to sign up!

We thank all of coaches that have been participating in the launch of our events this year and we look forward to seeing you in February for more events that will help you sharpen your coaching skills, connect with coaches and grow your coaching business!


Aurora Geis, PCC

December 2022

It has been a great honor to serve as president of the ICF San Antonio Chapter. Serving along side a highly committed and outstanding board of directors who have worked hard to make 2022 a year of stable growth.

In 2022, we began our focus to solidify our direction under the Lone Star Task Force Committee to potentially merge our chapters. We ended the year to begin with leveraging our operations and resources in programming, accounting, finance with shared resources such as a VA and billing specialist. All of these activities to lighten the administrative burden on our board members who serve us so generously with their time and talent.

Further, we solidified our strategic plan to set out our three strategic priorities:

Goal 1: Develop Strategic Partnerships that Advance Professional Coaching

  • Engaging our members, coaches, clients, and the Greater San Antonio region through in an inclusive and welcoming community of coaching excellence.

Goal 2: Add value to the Membership Experience 

  • Empowering all our members to grow, succeed and thrive throughout their coaching journey.

Goal 3: Steward a financially sound chapter

  • Continuously improving and sustaining our operational effectiveness through simplified and standardized processes, procedures, governance, policies, and tools leading to a positive cashflow.

All of these goals support our global strategy to Coach More, Coach Better and Coach Connect.

On December 7th, 2022 we held an engaging strategic planning meeting hosted by our community partners at Broadway Bank from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  You can review the great work of our facilitators and our next steps here. We are grateful for the work of Jim Hurlburt, JD, Fireside Chat Consulting, Kerri Burchill, PhD, PCC, NuStar Coaching, Scott Hopkins, AVP Broadway Bank and Talent Development Officer and Rebecca Rabel, Director of Strategy, Planning and Transformation.

We invite you to get involved with our committee, send an email to and we will connect you with our next set of meetings that are planned in January. Our next step will be to share the strategic plan at our Annual Membership Meeting in February on what we have accomplished in each of these three priorities and invite our members to provide feedback on our strategic direction.

Our February meeting will be hybrid for our members to attend in person or virtually. Please be on the look out for a date and help us shape 2023 as another great year of stable growth for your chapter to coach more, better and connect with our community of coaches.

I will close this message by expressing heartfelt thanks to the entire 2022 Board of Directors. Susanna Clavello, Director of Social Responsibility, ChiChi Anyanwu, Director of Development, Melissa Mahan, Secretary and Carissa Gay. Past-President. Each of you made amazing contributions and it has been a pleasure to serve with you. Thank you for all you have done to keep our chapter stable and growing!

The 2023 board is in full swing to recruit new board members, if you are interested in joining our board, we would be thrilled to have you join our growing chapter,  fill out the form or send an email to with any questions that you may have.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed holiday season!

Aurora Geis, PCC

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