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Aurora Geis, PCC


Dan Pogue, PCC


Carissa Gay, MCC

Past President 

Susana Clavello, PCC

Past President 

Cora Lonning, MBA


Kerri Burchill, PhD

Director of Professional Development/ Masterminds

Aurora Geis holds her Professional Coaching Certification, PCC, with ICF and is a certified iPEC - CPC & ELI-MP Coach. She serves as the National Director of Strategic Relationships & Head Leadership Coach with New Apprenticeship, the nation's first Digital Marketing and College Degreed Data Analyst, Cyber Security and IT Apprenticeship Program. Aurora is also founder of A GO STRATEGY, a registered minority and woman-owned coaching, coaching and consulting company. She serves businesses, executive and emerging leaders, as they build their companies, culture and careers on purpose through a value-based performance coaching strategy. You can contact Aurora Geis at

Having owned and operated businesses for over three decades, Dan Pogue is a seasoned leader, business owner, executive and leadership coach. He is passionate about helping people achieve success and make a positive impact in their business and personal lives. Dan is an EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 certified coach, a Trust Quotient coach, and a CLCI Certified Professional Coach. In business, Dan has received numerous awards from the military and corporations. Training, coaching, and mentoring emerging leaders was one of Dan's many roles in the Air Force. Dan is CEO, Founder, and Principle at Thriving Leaders Group. In this role, he focuses on developing and refining leadership competencies, management expertise, and business capabilities so that they can achieve success in their chosen industry and market. In addition, Dan has served on and led three non-profit organizations (NPOs).

Dan holds two master's degrees from Webster University, Information Technology Management and Business Management & Leadership and a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Southern Nazarene University.

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With 20 years in nonprofit, academic, and corporate leadership roles, Carissa's focus has always been coaching and training high-impact leaders. She's passionate about helping professionals identify and maximize their leadership brand. Carissa has developed programs for business, government and nonprofit organizations to create strong organizational cultures through effective communication. After serving as a trainer for a national team of coaches, she founded Courageous Leaders, a coaching and training organization specializing in leadership, communication, and career development. She serves as the Southwest Regional Representative for the Center for Coaching Excellence dedicated to training leaders in the conversational coaching skills that produce high-performing teams.

Carissa holds degrees in English and Christian Education and a Master’s in Counseling. She is a Master Certified Coach with the ICF and has certifications in emotional intelligence, career management, and neuroscience.

Susana is passionate about helping individuals who are experiencing a great deal of unbalance and overwhelm in their lives. Making lasting changes, growing from adversity, building resilience, and overcoming negative ways of thinking. Susana’s mission is to help people look inward, ignite their passion, discover their true sense of self, regain control of their lives, and increase their productivity and joy of living. Her vision is to provide an extraordinary coaching and training experience, and to make a positive impact on the individual, the organization, and the community.

Susana’s approach to coaching is compassion first, then compliance. What this means is that I coach my clients by tapping into their strengths, values, hopes, dreams, and potential. By  focusing on the positive, people feel empowered and bring out the best in them. When people become more aware of who they truly are at their core, and believe in themselves and their abilities, they become more self-confident and solution-focused, and ready to embrace any challenge.

Cora is a learning professional focusing on growing business through developing people. She believes playing to strengths and building knowledge is your game changer. Cora is future focused, with a learning mindset. She turns tension into productive energy, conflict into innovation, and differences into synergy. Cora is your partner to transition people from the most challenging part of business to your differentiator! She has a deep understanding of the drivers behind the actions; and the need behind the communication. 

Her MBA in Organizational Development and BA in Communication provide foundational theory. While her extensive experience as an OD practitioner and coach brings practical application. Cora has provided leadership teams insights to the human element for over 25 years. 

Dr. Kerri Burchill is President of North Star Coaching, a leadership development company that specializes in helping leaders slow down to go fast and achieve ambitious goals through coaching, leadership training and team development. While Kerri is an entrepreneur now, she didn’t start off that way. Her career began as a middle school teacher, then administrator, next professor, followed by director of organizational development and finally to her work now as speaker, coach, consultant and facilitator. Along that journey, she has spent 15 years in university, with master’s degrees in education and in Human Resource Management, plus a PhD in educational leadership. Kerri entertains audiences with stories from her experiences living in three countries and her insights working with a variety of leaders and industries.

Bridget VanHolland-Williams, MBA, CPEC

Director of Membership Engagement

Shirley Bell, PhD

Military Affairs Committee Chair 

Bridget VanHolland-Williams is the CEO and founder of The VanHolland Group LLC. She is an innovative and strategic visionary, passionate about educating and empowering others to walk in their purpose and live their dreams. She has been in the entrepreneurial arena since 2008 as a business consultant and career strategist. Her area of concentration has been business start-ups, small businesses, nonprofits, ministries, civic organizations, higher learning organizations, and individuals pursuing academic and career transitions/support.

Bridget has a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, MBA from National Louis University and is working on her doctoral studies in organizational development, leadership, and management. She has served on many boards, one being the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) in IN/MS. She holds two coaching certifications for personal/professional development and executive coaching. Bridget has a passion for working with diverse groups of women, empowering, enhancing, educating, and encouraging them in their day-to-day lives. Every woman from the single mom, and stay-at-home

Shirley Bell is a Master Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach who helps individuals and groups discover their true authentic self, purpose, calling and gifts through spirituality.Shirley understands the importance of knowing HOW to pivot and transition at the right time from one aspect of life into another even without notice or warnings.Her purpose and calling as a Spiritual Life Coach has manifested through serving local ministries within diverse communities throughout the years in the singles and youth ministries including the Protestant Women of The Chapel (PWOC) as Lead Co-Participant,Leadership Selection Officer and Lead Facilitator of Christian biblical based studies.

Shirley is a strong faith driven and courageous woman of God that values her self-worth as a true Christian believer and enjoys traveling, shopping and fine dining. Shirley's life journey has been unpredictable and adventurous purposely leading her into serving others as a Spiritual Life Coach. She is a proud U.S. Army Disabled Veteran that served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Shirley Bell a Nigerian American holds a Bachelor's of Science in Health Service Administration from City University of New York College (CUNY). 

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