2020 All Texas Virtual Retreat & Conference: Nature as a Powerful, Often Overlooked, Resource for Resilience

  • October 06, 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Zoom Webinar (Note: Two-step registration process)


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Program Description:

The intention we have can make all the difference in our experience of nature. Intention on establishing a meaningful connection with a more-than-human world can be transformational for a person in times of uncertainty or individual crisis. It's a simple and powerful way to become grounded, centered and connect to your higher self for guidance.

The science behind nature’s influence on human cognition and performance is fascinating! Everyone has heard about the Food Pyramid but who knows about the Nature Pyramid? The Nature Pyramid describes how much natural experience, what kind of experience and how often we need the experience for optimal brain function.

The session will be interactive by adding sensory experience with nature-related objects. This workshop also includes break out rooms where participants will share their experience. Participants will learn simple practical steps to practice while in nature and how to apply them for problem solving in their life and business.

Core Competencies:

You will receive 1.5 Resource Development CCEUs for attending this session.

About the Presenter:

Jenya Kuvshinova, ACC, is a personal development nature-connected coach and world-wide adventure traveler. She has been hiking, climbing, backpacking, skiing, rafting and canyoneering in Siberia, Middle Asia, China, Swiss Alps, Argentina and all across the United States – Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming and Washington for more than 30 years.

For past 9 years, Jenya has been practicing as personal development coach helping her clients to achieve clarity and confidence and empower them to create desired positive changes in their lives.

The dream to bring together nature and personal growth was born from her own deep transformational experience during her adventures. She believes that bringing people to the mountains to experience transformation is her gift to the world.

Her current practice includes group mindfulness hikes and hiking coaching retreats in Colorado, Utah and other beautiful places.

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event requires a two-step process. After registering through ICF San Antonio, please sign-up to receive the webinar access by using the link included in your confirmation email. 

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