Virtual Workshop: Aligning Your Personal Brand With Your Business: Basics to Brand Positioning

  • September 02, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Online via Zoom


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In this workshop, you will be challenged to critically think about your business and assess your personal branding in order to identify your brand's core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats whilst simultaneously learning how to strategically re-design and position your brand messaging so that you can attract your ideal customer base. 

About Mark A. Alvarez II:

Mark is in the business of telling stories. For much of his young life, he’s spent a lot of time imagining and building worlds within a variety of shimmering bright blue journals. He received his first journal on his 9th birthday wrote his first story, Fantasies of The Dragon, in its pages. Eventually, he started expanding on his story’s mythos, entering his 4th-grade short story contest with The Shrine of The Dragon Sword set in the same world as his original story.

As time passed and his writing style grew and mind matured, he started diving into deeper existential themes, such as faith and the frailty of human morality. And it was through the pondering of life’s greatest and most challenging questions that Light Wings Promotions was created. Much of this backstory was written in his youth, but his work on today’s story started in 2009.

Mark has also sought many other ventures and accomplishments outside of creative writing, including graduating from Texas State University with a BS in Mass Communications – Public Relations and completing a digital marketing apprenticeship at the Digital Creative Institute (DCI). Mark’s agency experience spans 3 years, but he has learned more than his fair share about navigating the business world and promoting products in a digital age. Throughout his career, he remains mission-focused. Not once has he forgotten the story he was born to tell nor the desire to help others tell their own with his creative gifts and passion for media. He desires to use his experiences in digital marketing, advertising, and promotions to help others tell their stories and define their brands. Through his mission and conviction, he created this organization to embrace his identity as ‘The Altruist’ and help brands gain recognition and notoriety while also becoming influencers in their respective industries.

He believes it to be his purpose to not only tell his story but to also aide others in telling their own. His mission is simple:

I am a devoted writer, faithful to the ideals of truth and excellence. I am the visionary, seeking to make the dreams of those in need a reality. I offer my voice in support of those who have yet to find their story. With honesty, integrity, and above all faith; I will write to ensure that stories like ours do not go unheard.

Light Wings Promotions is here to fulfill this mission in establishing distinguished and definitive brands by producing, promoting, and publishing the content that make them who they are. No matter your medium of self-expression; helping your story or brand gain the attention and awareness it needs is not just a job, it is his duty: Duty Above All Else.   

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