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Member Spotlight  

Sam Caballero, CPTD

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The Purpose of Coaching

"Coaching for Performance is a real eye-opener that will transform your vision of organizations and the power of coaching. An organization's success depends on its human capital. Leaders who coach can unlock massive reserves of potential, build high-performance teams, and deliver extraordinary results." Mark Hoijtink, President EMEA, Hasbro  Source: Coaching for Performance Sir John Witmore


Coaching is a goal-focused partnership to accelerate success in work and in life. It’s more than setting and reaching goals, it’s the power of discovering and leveraging internal resources to create exponential results. Coaching unlocks a person’s potential to clarify their vision, maximize their performance, better their relationships, and live with vision and confidence. Coaching develops a person’s values, strengths, and beliefs, building resilience in change and a deeply rewarding life.


Coaching expands your vision for what is possible and your capacity to make it happen. A coach helps you find clarity, accountability, and the confidence that unlocks your inner-most strengths. With a coach, you go further and faster than you would alone.

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