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How Coaching Can Improve Teams’ Well-being and Productivity

April 25, 2020 3:44 PM | Deleted user

Coaching can improve various aspects of your team members' daily life. It supports personal well-being by unlocking their potential to maximize performance and live with confidence. It develops a person’s values, strengths, beliefs, and builds resilience. Coaching can help team members manage stress and anxiety during remote work and troubling times.

The GROW model is proven to be critical for coaching. It’s a four-step model for structuring and mentoring sessions. GROW coaching skills enhance performance by increasing self-confidence and motivation. The ‘G’ means goals, ‘R’ is reality, ‘O’ is options, and ‘W’ means will. This model leads to a clearly defined end result.

To achieve goals, a person must be productive. To do that, we recommend scheduling coaching sessions that will clearly define your objectives. Goals that are pressed for time should be given priority. It’s also important to get away from distractions to increase productivity, but most importantly, take care of personal well-being.

If you would like to contact a professional coach for members of your team, you can find one on our webpage at

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